Monday 15 January 2007

Recipe: Tartes aux Pommes

For two:
Ingredients: 2 sheets Phyllo Pastry, each approx 12"x6"; melted Butter; 4 Apples (blush variety, by preference); additional 60g Butter; 2 tablespoons Rum or Brandy; 60z Sugar or equivalent volume sweetener; 2 large tablespoons Apricot/Fig/Raspberry jam, whichever flavour you prefer; 1 teaspoon ground Cinnamon; juice & rind of 1 Lemon.

1. Brush phyllo with melted butter, cut each sheet in half and use to line two individual false-bottomed flan tins - make two layers of pastry in each tin.

2. Peel, core and dice three of the apples. Heat in covered saucepan twenty minutes or so over moderate heat, until they have given up their juice, and are quite soft. Add all the remaining ingredients, raise heat and cook, stirring constantly, for another ten minutes, until the puree has become quite thick.

3. Divide puree between the phyllo pastry cases, and then top each one with half an apple, peeled and cored and sliced very thinly before being put back together again and arranged on top of the puree. Brush with melted butter.

4. Bake half an hour or so in an oven pre-heated to 200 degree C, until the pastry is dark brown and the tips of the apple slices are coloured.

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