Thursday 2 June 2011

A perfect day...

in Amsterdam. A boat ride on the canals ... a decent glass of champagne, as moorhens looked on, and the sun reflected gloriously off the mansion facades that lined the Herrengracht. Some words exchanged at some point en route...before we were dropped off at The Amstel Hotel, for a lunch that extended luxuriantly into the watches of the afternoon: many and various amuse-gueules (my favourite was a deep fried cherry tomato, with a crusty sesame skin, served on a bed of ginger-flavoured granita), followed by course after course after course...until it felt as though one could happily continue being presented with yet more tantalising delicacies, practically for ever!

Life ain't all bad...

Tonight's Dinner:

Artichoke hearts, with Pork & Parmesan stuffing.

Grilled Duck breasts, with braised Fennel

Macedoine of fresh Peaches and Strawberries, in Prosecco , Lemon and Mint.