Thursday 14 January 2010

Stuck in London...

We were supposed to be here only for a couple of days, just to race through some chores, and take delivery of a lot of roses for the garden in Santa Caterina. And then, of course, British hopelessness in the face of an inch and a half of snow took over, and we arrived at Gatwick yesterday morning to be told that the airport was closed. Difficult to know why, since it hadn't been closed an hour before, and all that had happened in the meantime was a light dusting of drizzle-force snow, which looked more worthy of the attention of a feather duster than a snow plough. Still, ours not to reason why...although I can't help but feel that if the people who run the airports and airlines were self employed and it was their own revenue that was involved, they'd make rather more of an effort!

With great irritation, we trudged back home once more, only to find that an alternative flight wouldn't be possible until the end of the week - or, not without paying the equivalent of the national debt for a couple of tickets, at any rate, and there just wasn't a compelling enough reason to do so.

Several phone calls to Italy later, cancelling some house guests and a dinner party for Thursday, and letting Arianna know she had the four-footeds for another couple of days (all that daytime TV must be doing their italian a power of good!) and we were left twiddling our thumbs. Bags packed, boxes sealed, chores all done-and-dusted...all dressed up and nowhere to go!

Tonight's dinner:

Asparagus Mousse.

Sole with Marsala & Parmesan; Green Beans, dressed with Lemon & Almonds.

Apple & Vanilla Tarts.