Sunday 13 February 2011

Senior Four-footed - Bulletin...

In response to the numerous e-mails and phone calls wanting to know how the senior FF is getting on, I thought I'd  better post a bulletin, much as they do (or did...I expect it would all be done digitally, these days) on the railings at Buckingham Palace. 

He is greatly improved, and, thankfully, seems unlikely to be muttering 'Bugger Bognor' any time soon. (For anybody unclear on the reference, I suggest you google it...)

He's looking a little thin, and puffs and pants for many minutes from the effort of climbing the stairs, each time he does it - but apart from that is cheerful, and clearly on the mend. The pill regime is rather daunting: pills to coagulate his blood, others to suppress any infections, cortizone to do whatever cortizone does, and then another course of pills to address any possible side-effects from the cortizone...and then there's yet another course of pills, the purpose of which escapes me right now, but he has to have them twice a day. Currently, he takes five and a quarter pills of various colours in the morning, a further one and a quarter at midday, and just after dinner has another four and a quarter, to round off the day. 
I suspect the battery of treatments reflects the fact that the vets haven't managed specifically to identify the problem (the latest prognosis was a vague reference to an 'auto-immune' reaction...which seemed shorthand for 'we haven't a clue, frankly...') but since the pills aren't likely to do him any harm, then we're happy to go through the process. Technical Dept and I are still fairly convinced that it was rat poison, and that the coagulant pills and the antibiotics would actually do the trick on their own...

Tonight's Dinner:

Tagliatelle with salmon and orange

Pork Chops in cream and mustard sauce; green beans with tomato

Lemon cream