Saturday 5 August 2023

This week's progress....

 For those who might be interested:

The southernmost vasca (i.e tank), in the process of being cleared out; future use
will be as a cistern to hold water for the garden 

Looking through the new-doorway into the to-be second floor bathroom

Upper guestroom, with its four-square new lintel over the window

Library to-be, all cleaned up (the black and white look will disappear when
all of the beamed ceilings are painted entirely white (sometime soon)

Western door in the ruined wing - new lintels installed right across door and window
(previously, they were perilously in danger of imminent collapse)

Our geometra is on borrowed time, as he continues to maintain radio silence, while we still have no electricity supply, or the various 'relazioni' which are needed to progress our planning application. I accept that geometras are a weird breed, but patience has a limit...

Tonight's dinner:

Cauliflower, fried in parmesan batter

Pork chops, in onion sauce; artichoke hearts, braised in butter

Phyllo tarts of fiori-di-sicilia cream, topped with blackberries