Wednesday 14 March 2012

Sugar...the bitter truth

Now, here's a fascinating thing to watch.

 It goes on for longer than it need (I stopped watching after about fifteen minutes or so, by which time I'd got the idea) and the lecturer has the deeply annoying tick of saying 'OK?' at the end of every sentence (somebody really should tell they should also tell the newly-minted Duchess of Cambridge to stop smoothing her hair back approximately every five seconds - but I digress). The argument seems clear and unassailable: people eat too much because the food manufacturers are feeding them with drugs which stop their system telling them when to stop. QED. 

But I was additionally intrigued by said lecturer's reference mid-flow to a book produced many decades ago by a previously (to me) unheard of food scientist called Yudkin. The Slimmer's Cookbook. A copy of which I tracked down and purchased recently for the grand sum of one penny, on Amazon New & Used. It's amazing. This is the book I was looking for ten years and more ago when I was first experimenting with low-carb eating as a means of eating well without having to compromise on quality. Proper recipes - rather than the sort of sad apologies for recipes which are regularly churned out by 'home-economists'  in an attempt to make accessible the latest food fad on the market - all of which pass the low-carb filter. This was Atkins before Atkins had ever been thought of. A book I would have written myself....and perhaps in a way I have, in collecting together over the years my own reference library of 'proper' recipes which fit a low carb profile, many of which I've posted on here over time.

Time for a re-print, I'd have said!

Tonight's Dinner:

Will be courtesy of a small restaurant in Jersey. I leave for the airport in about an hour from now.