Saturday 11 January 2020

Christmas 2019, as of today, finally over. The last slice of the Christmas Cake was consumed, this afternoon, and so that's Christmas done, for another eleven and a half months. It was the first time I'd ever made a Christmas Cake, and the sizing was...generous. That's a 36 cm cake board in the picture, and the beast itself would probably happily have fed an entire battalion. So, no great surprise that it's made it through until today, on the basis of a daily slice each for two people (not to mention a four-footed, who takes an interest in these things) pretty much since Boxing Day. On Christmas Day itself we were up in Brancoli, and then in Belforte for a few days over New Year. All was quite splendid. Although, we did conclude by twelfth night that it had gone too quickly, and that next year we'll dig in at home for the entire period, and that the World can come to us.

Which probably means that a Cake of industrial proportions will be perfectly in order, all over again!

Tonight's Dinner:

White Crab Salad

Fegato alla Venezia

Chocolate & Raspberry Cake, with Mascarpone 'Chantilly'