Wednesday 24 June 2015

Summer pictures

Arborescens Annabelle, in their 'enclosure', in the Old Orchard

The travellers palm, in flower in the courtyard - except, from the flower, we find it isn't a travellers palm after all, but is something called a Strelitzia Nicolai...
Nectarines, in the North Garden, about to be harvested...
White peaches, ditto, from the tree Sarah gave us that came from Wisley, via the garden in Via Fucini...
The pot, at the end of the lavender walk, in front of the romitorio
Hemerocallis, and Dietes Bicolore, in the West Border
The view behind the church, looking across the camellias
Tonight's dinner:

Chicken Foo Yung

Swordfish, with a parsley and pepper sauce; braised celery

Blueberry and almond clafoutis