Friday 8 July 2011

Recipe: Mascarpone Sorbet

One of Jennie's offering's for last month's Masterchef Weekend, this is light, delicious, and perfect for the current summer heat. If you like, you could add chopped fruit (plums, cherries, strawberries...whatever you happen to have) to the basic recipe, as it churns in the machine - but, personally I prefer the refreshing crispness of the penny-plain version. Perfect at the end of a languid summer lunch...

For six servings.

Ingredients: 250g Mascarpone; 270g Sugar; juice of one large Lemon.


1. Heat the Sugar gently along with 350 ml water. Stir until the Sugar has all dissolved, then raise the heat and bring briefly to boil, before removing from heat.
2. Add the Lemon juice, and then leave to cool down for twenty minutes or so.
3. Put the Mascarpone intoa bowl and whisk to lighten the texture, then stir into this the colled Sugar syrup.
4. Put the mixture into the fridge to chill for about an hour, then churn as normal in the ice cream machine. Freeze - but remember to transfer the sorbet from  freezer to fridge about half an hour before serving, to allow the texture to soften appropriately. 

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