Wednesday 8 June 2011

Masterchef Weekend 2011...

  ...has just finished. Despite dire forecasts of rain throughout, it was hot and sunny almost without respite, and every afternoon saw us all taking post-prandial refuge in a much-needed siesta, before rolling up sleeves and getting on with it for the next three courses! Highlights were Jennie's mascarpone ice-cream on Friday night and her veal roast with porcini on Saturday (when the Carducci's also joined us for dinner),

and the Technical Dept took the prizes for starters and dessert with his Fondue Parmesan (light as love...and very practical, as a second serving for lunch the following day was just as good, even after having spent an additonal night in the fridge), and a mille-feuille of fresh raspberries and crème chibouste.

My offerings were a ravioli of asparagus and prosciutto crudo on Friday, and a dartois of frangipane and loquats (from the garden) for Saturday's dinner...and after that I bricked out of dinner courses, and instead made croissants for breakfast for two days out of three, and ended up with pains au chocolat to ring the changes on the last day.

No disasters, and some interesting discoveries along the way - the TD, for instance, produced a beautifully tender blanquette de veau on Sunday, which started with long slow poaching of the meat in a water bath, before adding to it the sauce which had been cooked entirely separately at the same time. I'll be posting the recipes here over the next week or garden duties allow the time to do so - although that may be not such a challenge this week, as we've now entered a period of very welcome thunderstorms, and every half an hour or so we seem to experience another tropical downpour.

Tonight's Dinner:

Chicken Breasts stuffed with Emmentaler, served with lemon-flavoured Spinach.

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