Sunday 21 January 2007

Recipe: Mango Souffle Glace

For six individual souffles.
Ingredients: 1 medium fresh Mango, peeled and the flesh cut into cubes; 150 ml Water; 350g Sugar; 3 Eggs; 275 ml Double Cream; 12g powdered Gelatine.

1. Prepare 6 individual ramekins with paper collars coming approximately 1" above the rim.

2. Make Mango Coulis: bring 300g Sugar to the boil in 150 ml Water. Off heat, place the cubes of Mango in this sugar syrup and leave to cool; liquidize and then seive.

3. In zimmertopf or double boiler, make a light custard with Mango Coulis, 50g Sugar and 3 egg yolks. Set aside in a bowl, and then use zimmertopf/double boiler to heat the powdered gelatine in 70 ml water. Whisk until thoroughly melted and incorporated, then fold into the Mango custard.

4. Whisk the cream until stiff in a separate bowl, and then fold into the Mango Custard. Whisk the 3 egg whites likewise and fold these in also.

5. Divide the mixture between the six prepared ramekins, filling the paper collars so that the mixture stands significantly proud of the top of the ramekins.

6. Refrigerate for at least two hours, preferably longer, until the souffle glace is quite firm. Remove paper collars and dust with icing sugar to serve.

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