Thursday 25 January 2007

Recipe: Flamiche (a la Pomiane)

For two:
Ingredients: 3 sheets Phyllo pastry, approx 12"x6" each; 2 medium Leeks; 2 oz Butter; 1 Egg Yolk; 1 tablespoon Cream; seasoning.


1. Melt half the Butter. Prepare two pastry shells, using one sheet of Phyllo for each shell, brushed with melted Butter (cut each sheet in two, and then use two halves in each shell to make a double layer of pastry for the base of the Flamiche).

2. Finely chop the white of the Leeks and par-boil five minutes in salted water. Drain, and then stir round in the remaining melted Butter, to coat. Season to taste.

3. Fill pastry shells with cooked Leek, packed quite loosely, then brush the remaining sheet of Phyllo with the last of the melted Butter and cut it in half, to use each half to fashion the tops of the two Flamiches. Cut a cross in the centre of each top sheet of pastry, and fold the corners back to leave a small open square in the top of the pastry.

4. Bake the Flamiches approx 20 minutes in 200 degree oven, until well browned. Meanwhile mix together the egg yolk and cream.

5. Once the Flamiches are cooked, remove from the oven and immediately pour the egg and cream mixture carefully into the openings in the centre of each pie - don't worry if some pours over the top of the pastry, it will still be unctuous and delicious.

6. Leave to stand for 3-5 minutes, allowing the egg to coagulate in the heat of the interior of the Flamiches. Serve.

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