Tuesday 30 January 2007

Recipe: Chocolate Terrine...

For Ten:
Ingredients: 150g White Chocolate; 125g Plain Chocolate; 150g Milk Chocolate; 135 ml Double Cream; 6 Eggs + 6 Egg Whites; 135g Butter; 3 tablespoons Sugar. Mint- flavoured Creme Anglais, to serve.


1. Grease the inside of a standard Loaf Tin, and line the base with greaseproof paper.

2. Melt Plain Chocolate in zimmertopf; off heat, beat 3 tablespoons of heated Cream into the melted Chocolate; beat in 2 Egg Yolks, then 45g of Butter, cut into small pieces. Ensure that the Butter is thoroughly amalgamated and that the chocolate cream is properly smooth.

3. Whisk 4 Egg Whites until stiff, then beat into this 1 tablespoon of Sugar. Whisk for approximately 20 seconds, until glossy. Fold this meringue mixture into the chocolate cream.

4. Pour this mixture into the base of the prepared loaf tin, and freeze for approximately 30 minutes, until firm.

5. Make the White Chocolate layer, exactly following the steps 2-4 above, and pour on top of the Dark Chocolate layer, which should by now be firm. Re-freeze until the White Chocolate layer is also firm; repeat steps 2-4 with Milk Chocolate, and add in turn to the loaf tin. Cover the Milk Chocolate layer with greaseproof paper, and freeze for at least six hours.

For the mint-flavoured Creme Anglaise, make the Creme as normal, but steep a handful of crushed mint leaves in the milk, gently heated, for half an hour or so before straining the milk and using it to make the Creme Anglaise. If you make more than you need, the remainder can then be poured into an ice cream machine to make a beautiful mint ice cream.

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