Tuesday 13 April 2021

Blueberry Almond Meringue Tart


Without question, the best way of using up leftover egg whites! One of my all-time favourites, this is yet another splendid recipe from Jill Norman, from her edition of Penguin Cookery. Which appears to have been largely unsung, and I really cannot understand why...

Ingredients: 1 shortcrust pastry shell, 8"; 180 ml egg white (from 6 or so medium eggs); 150 g ground almonds, plus 1 tsp almond essence; 190 g sugar; grated zest of a medium lemon (or, even better, a medium bergamot, if you can get it); 250 g fresh blueberries.


1. In a 180 degree oven, blind-bake the pastry shell, to a biscuity crispness.

2. Using an electric beater, whisk the egg whites until thoroughly stiff and risen; as they become dense, gradually add the sugar and  whisk it into the egg white as you proceed.

3. Fold into the meringue mixture first of all the ground almonds (plus essence), and the lemon zest.

4. Into the blind-baked shell spread half of the egg-white mixture, and then fold the blueberries into the remainder of the mixture and pile this on top of the mixture which is already in the pastry shell. 

5. Bake for 25-30 minutes, until the top is golden brown.

Leave to cool before you cut to serve.

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