Friday 29 January 2010

Losing weight.....starters

Ok. Herewith the starter section from my January diet list (with links through to recipes where I've already posted them):

Flamiche; Caprese Salad; Bresaola with rocket and vine cherries; Carpaccio; Scrambled Eggs with Salmon; Oeufs Comtoise; Chicken Liver Salad; Quiche Lorraine (with Phyllo); Tomato Tart (ditto); Onion Tart (ditto): Smoked Salmon Tiède; Shrimp Newberg; Shrimp with Chili & Garlic; Moules Marinières; Beef Salad; Chicken Salad; Asparagus with Hollandaise; Chicken Liver Terrine; Vegetable Terrine; Mussel Tart; Fennel Sformatino; Spinach Soufflé; Tuscan Cauliflower; Cauliflower with Anchovy & Garlic; Haddock Soufflé with Poached Egg; Asparagus with Ham & Gruyère; Scallops with Parsley & Almond; Scallop Mousseline; Asparagus Mousse; Aubergine Tart.

Tonight's Dinner:

Phyllo Onion Tart

Chicken with Porcini & Marsala; braised Celery.

Pears poached in Red Wine & Cinnamon.


Anonymous said...

What size ramekins do you recommend for indiv. souflees?

pomiane said...

In fact, it's a bit of a sore point. I prefer 10 cm diameter ramekins - but they're almost impossible to find. I bought half a dozen of them here once, in the shop on Martyrs' Square (which Sarah not unreasonably refers to as 'the grot shop')and have never been able to find any more ever since. Even though I regularly haunt ebay in search of them. In London, the ramekins I use are of much finer porcelain, but they are all inevitably smaller than I really want. Please let me know if you have a source!