Sunday 4 March 2007

Recipe: Chocolate Crepes with Pears

For Two.
Crepe Ingredients: 1 egg; 30g chocolate powder; 65g plain flour; 200 ml milk; 50ml cream
Filling Ingredients: 2 pears; 40g butter; 1 tablespoon brandy; half teaspoon lemon oil; 30g sugar.

1. Place all of the Crepe ingredients in a blender and blend at high speed for twenty seconds. Leave to rest for thirty minutes before use.

2. Meanwhile, peel and core the pears and chop into cubes of approximately 1 centimetre each. Place in a covered saucepan, over medium heat, for about twenty minutes. Check and stir the pears from time to time - they should give up quite a lot of juice, and the flesh will become tender without going to mush.

3. When the pear pieces are tender, add the remaining filling ingredients to the pan. Turn the heat to high until the butter has melted , then reduce to medium again. Cook, stirring frequently, until the pears have collapsed some more and their cooking juices are significantly reduced. Leave over low heat to continue cooking through as you make the crepes, then set aside if you aren't filling the crepes immediately.

4. Using an oiled crepe pan over high heat, make crepes from the chocolate batter. The proportions given are sufficient for 5-6 crepes; reserve the unwanted ones for a different dessert on the following day (filled with whipped cream and raspberries they are excellent!). Set the crepes aside once they are done, covered in cling film to prevent them drying out.

5. At the same time as serving the main course for dinner, place a generous spoonful of filling in the centre of each crepe, then fold the crepe in four, to make a fan shape. Place the fans in an oven proof dish, then place this in a warming oven until needed.

To serve, place one folded crepe on each plate, then dust with confectioners' sugar. A spoonful of cream also goes well with this.

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