Saturday 11 December 2021

Traveling light...

 Heathrow, Terminal Two, 6.40 a.m...

On the train between Zurich Flughaven and Zurich Hauptbahn, 12.30...

On the train between Milan and Florence, 18.00...
(It's been a long day...)

 On the same train...later
(Are we there yet?
Nope....another train after this one, and then a taxi.)

Finally. Home!

Tonight's dinner

Ravioli Gnudi

Salsiccia with buttered spinach

Apple & Blackberry Crumble (it's winter...time for cold-weather  food)

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suej said...

Hello Pomiane, I'm sorry, I have come late to your news having been very self-absorbed in recent weeks and so am only now reading your blog. So sorry to hear about Cuff. You have written a wonderful valediction for him. A very special friend. And how appropriate to bring home another, to love and care for. My very best wishes for the New Year and new beginnings. May your 2022 be very happy.