Monday 5 March 2018

Catching up...

Ten days ago, Spring was significantly advanced...

And we were confident that we were free of the danger of any further cold weather.

And, then, of course, three days ago...

foolish complacency was swept aside...

Along with the first flurries of snow!

And the Beast from the East wrought havoc with crinums and acanthus and any other soft-leafed plants which had naively assumed that only balmy warmth was now to be expected, and had let their guard down, accordingly.

Oh, well. In fact, the snow was all gone by lunchtime, and with any luck that will be the last we'll see of it for another few years. All very decorative, but there isn't much more to be said for it than that.

Tonight's Dinner:

Baked endives, wrapped in ham, and coated with a cheese sauce.

Fegato alla Veneziana.

Spanish Apple Puddings, with Creme Anglaise.

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