Sunday 1 May 2011


I love them, but have never been very successful with them. In the garden in Via Fucini, we planted 18 bearded irises, about five years ago, and I nurtured them carefully over time. They grew, and multiplied - to the extent that when it came to transplanting them to the garden here, I found I now had about 50 of the things! - but rarely did they bother to flower. Until now. This year, they are more than making up for lost time, and long may it last!

Tonight's Dinner:

Roast Lamb, with Roman Broccoli

Apple Dartois, with Vanilla Ice Cream


Anonymous said...

They seem to thrive on the stoniest ground. As long as the rhizomes can get baked by the sun they seem to produce prolifically. I have one that is perfumed and I'm waiting for it to open this week.

Pomiane said...

I think that's right...they weren't getting enough sun in their previous position; that and the fact that I gave them a very liberal top-dressing of potash around the middle of March, which seems to have helped.