Wednesday 13 June 2007

Recipe: Flambeed Langoustines with Vanilla

For Five.

Ingredients: 10 Langoustines; 4 medium sized Leeks, trimmed; 2 tablespoons Olive Oil; 1 Vanilla Pod; 2 oz Butter; 50 ml Dark Rum; Salt & Pepper.


1. Chop the Leeks finely, and sweat in the Butter over medium heat until they have completely collapsed. (They shouldn't go to a mush, but should be not far off that). This might take half an hour or so. Season to taste once they are done.

2. Split the Langoustines lengthwise and arrange them, cut-side up, on a plate (or, more probably two, as you will almost certainly have to cook them in two batches). Mix the contents of the Vanilla Pod with the Oil, and brush the exposed flesh of the Langoustines with this mixture.

3. When the Leeks are practically done, cook the Langoustines for two minutes in the microwave on a high setting.

4. Heat the Rum gently in a small saucepan, then light it with a match and spoon the flaming Rum over the Langoustines, as the flames die down.

5. Divide the Leek mixture between five serving plates, and arrange two Langoustines on each plate. Spoon over any sauce that may have been left from the Langoustines plates.



Joanna said...

Most intriguing. Can't quite decide whether vanilla with everything is a great idea or utterly disgusting!

Very envious of your visit to Iris Origo's garden ... I didn't realise it was open to the public, so thank you for that


Pomiane said...

I don't think Vanilla works with everything. In desserts, I love it - but otherwise, I think you have to pick and choose what you're going to match it with. I realise I haven't rushed to repeat the Pork with Vanilla from a year ago, whereas Langoustines with Vanilla will already feature again on next Saturday's menu....
La Foce is open every Wednesday afternoon in the summer - (loosely) guided tours only.

... said...

Cooking is my great passion... Reading here I knew something great...
Vanilla works with langoustine?
I'll try it... Thank you!

Pomiane said...

You should try and Google "Vanilla" and "Langoustine" together. The result is quite surprising!

... said...

True! I can't believe... It's a new world for me...