Monday 21 May 2007

Recipe: Pink Grapefruit Sorbet

For Four (not generous servings, but a small amount is very good on the palate)

Ingredients: 3 medium sized Pink Grapefruit; 2 Egg Whites; two-thirds of a cup of Sugar; half a cup of Water.


1. Using a sharp knife, slice the top and bottom off each Grapefruit, then cut away all of the skin and underlying pith. Cut the segments of fruit away from the membrane, holding the fruit over a bowl as you do so, in order to catch the juice.

2. Whizz the segments and juice in a blender at high speed for ten seconds.

3. Put the Sugar and Water into a small pan; place over low heat until the Sugar has dissolved, then raise the heat and boil for one minute.

4. In a bowl, beat the Egg Whites until firm, then slowly add the warm sugar syrup, continuing to whisk as you do so. Once the syrup is incorporated, add the blended Grapefruit and beat to mix in.

5. Allow this mixture to cool completely in the fridge for several hours, or even overnight. It will separate out in the bowl, but this doesn't matter, as the action of the ice-cream machine will counteract this.

6. Churn for twenty minutes or so in an ice-cream machine until firm, then freeze for an hour or so before serving.

I think I originally took this from Bruce Weinstein's Ice Cream Book, which is excellent for a whole range of sorbet recipes and is highly recommended!

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