Sunday 11 March 2007

Recipe: Tartare of Fresh Tuna....

For Two.
Ingredients: 350g Fresh Yellowfin Tuna; rind of 1 Lime; juice of half a Lime (1 tablespoon); 1 tablespoon chopped Dill; 1 Egg Yolk; 1 tablespoon Olive Oil; 1 tablespoon finely chopped onion; 2 Anchovy fillets, chopped; 1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard; 1 tablespoon Capers, chopped. To serve: Soured Cream and Black Fish Eggs.


1. Whisk the Egg Yolk with the Oil to create an emulsion. Stir in the Mustard, then add Dill, Onion, Anchovies, Lime rind and juice, and Capers. Mix all together very well.

2. Cut the Tuna into dice of approximately 1 cm each, and carefully mix in with all the other ingredients to ensure the Tuna is well coated. Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for at least half an hour for the flavours to mingle and penetrate.

3. Divide between serving plates - the mixture should be solid enough that you can use a ring to shape each serving and it will retain its shape when the ring is removed. Put on top of each serving a spoonful of Soured Cream and a teaspoon of Back Fish Eggs.

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