Wednesday 5 June 2024

Every day, a bit further forward...


New doorway completed, from the master bedroom to the 'ruin' terrace

The dip in the Office floor, evened ou: this was the last of the areas in the building where the tiles have had to be re-set, where the crossbeams beneath - now repaired - had previously given way and the floor above had 'dipped'...

And the Office fireplace, part-reconfigured so that it can receive the hob-grate from the fireplace currently in the Salone in Pisa.

And, last week

Underfloor heating tubes installed (here, in the kitchen) along with a 'provisional' sink, and (just visible, off stage-left) the new wood stove (which has been waiting to be put in its proper place since August!)

New banisters part-done on the upper staircase

Tonight's dinner:

Asparagus, with egg sauce

Cod, wrapped in speck and braised; pepper & basil salad tiede

Apricot tarts

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