Tuesday 27 February 2024

It rains...

 and - for once - I revel in it. For the first time I can stand in any of the rooms at the top of the new house, and enjoy the sound of rain drumming onto the skylight above. And there isn't a single sound of drips falling incessantly into buckets which have been strategically positioned around the place for the past months. Because - the roof has been fixed! Alessandro, the miracle-worker from Ruota, with the aid of his silent henchman, spent five days carefully hoiking out and replacing any and all of the damaged tiles, along with several hundredweight of accumulated moss and sedum.  And, for the first time, we have a dry house. 


I'd practically given up hope.

Meanwhile, outside, there are downpours, punctuated by brief periods of calm, and then yet more rain.

The stream has become a river, and the waterfall thunders away, mere metres away from the house. 

The main waterfall

And the two immediately subsidiary ones

Looking upstream, towards the waterfall, from the old bridge

From the Giovannetti bridge, outside the front door, looking
downstream, towards the top of the waterfall

And from the same place, looking upstream

Inside - in the dry! - Michele is finishing off the work in the ante-room, and will then 'wrap' the inside of the house, to protect it from the paint-sprayer which, we hope, will be available for use next week. And yesterday, we had an afternoon first with the electrician, and then with the plumbers...and there's a distinct possibility that they can all get started as soon as the painting will have been finished. 

Tonight's dinner:

Sweetcorn galette

Spanish chicken (boned thighs, braised with garlic, dry marsala and sherry vinegar); sprouts (newly-available in Italy, seasonally...which is much-heralded)

Lemon cheesecake 

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suej said...

We could do with an Aessandro! Our fragile, old huge tiled roof has been repaired but the challenge is walking over it without doing more damage. I can hear drips in the loft above us again. Like you, we have had so much rain, which we've needed, but I could do with getting out in the garden. Your stream/river looks beautiful.