Wednesday 6 May 2020

The Roses, this year...

Princess Alexandra, beneath the bearded Iris,
and beyond the gap MaryRose (both of them David Austin)
Cassandra (deep red, at bottom right),and above Paul's Lemon Pillar,
with a flush of Pierre de Ronsard, leading into a mass of Cecile Brunner
La Marque, on the entrance pergola
Mrs Honey Dyson, leading into Rosa Laevigata (now almost finished for the year)
and City of York in the distance
Botticelli (Mailland)
Pink Perpetue
Guinee (bottom left) and Alec's Red,with, above, Kriton and
more Bloomfields Courage in the distance
Pierre de Ronsard (of which Mr Bolton, in tones of incredulity,
said upon seeing it "a lot of people seem to like this rose...")
Palais Royal (and Amadeus,in front of the spire)
La Sevillana
Bloomfield's Courage, and Kriton (to the right)

Tonight's Dinner:

Gnocchi alla Romana, with Gorgonzola Cream

Bass, baked in Red wine; buttered spinach

Vanilla Apple Tarts

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