Saturday 14 September 2019


Il barocco? Un lusso con Pinnock e OrliÃ…„ski

Jakob Josef Orlinski, singing Vivaldi and Fago in the Duomo on Thursday evening, accompanied by Trevor Pinnock and The English Concert. It was beyond merely memorable. It was sublime. The very stones of the cathedral resonated to Orlinski's voice. Arguably, the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.

Tonight's dinner:

Ravioli of chicken and herbs

Rogon Josh, Basmati Rice

Pistachio souffles


suej said...

Hello Pomiane (again) I'm enjoying a lull after a full summer with our gite - hence catching up with your blog. This is mine ... Thanks for being interested. I blog much less frequently these days.
I so envy you hearing Jakob Josef live. A friend heard him at Glyndebourne in Rinaldo this summer and said he was superb and that got me searching for him on Youtube. Not only a wonderful voice but he also seems robustly down-to-earth.

Pomiane said...

We came across him entirely by chance, after he recorded Anima Sacra, last year. The TD heard a bit of it on Radio 3 one Saturday morning, and immediately went online and bought the CD. His voice`is extraordinary.

suej said...

He also is beautiful.