Tuesday 18 September 2012

Senior Four-Footed: Bulletin

Having been on a heavy regime of pain killers for the past week, the Senior FF has now stopped taking those, and has started taking cortizone, instead. It makes him a lot more alert, and the tail-wag test of how well he's feeling is registering pretty high at the moment - the swellings under his chin even seem to have gone down somewhat, which I think makes him feel better. Walking is getting more difficult, though, and this morning's trip to the piazza will probably have to have been his last; the back legs gave out under him a couple of times, and we had to sit and let them recover for a time before he then decided he could get up and carry on home - where, on arrival, he enthusiastically wolfed down his usual breakfast of biscuit, milk and denta styx, before presenting himself for an ear scratch.
We're talking 'last days' though...and so it's good that the weather is mild and warm, and just as he likes it. Perfect for lying on the gravel between the house and the barn, and generally contemplating the World.


Anonymous said...

That news made me catch my breath, I am so sad to hear it. It doesn't seem that long since you acquired your junior one.

Pomiane said...

It wasn't - well, three and a half years, nearly, But there's nine years between them, so...do the maths. The cortizone seems to have stabilised him, and the vet, who made a housecall this morning, was talking in terms of coming to see him again 'in three weeks' time'...which is a longer timescale than we'd been thinking. Senior FF is still doing well on the tail-wag test, and, having ignored his dinner yesterday evening, then indicated at 10.00 pm that he was hungry, and proceeded to inhale an entire tin of food. So...there are positive moments, and less positive moments.