Saturday 21 April 2012

Enough Rain (Ed.) !

January was great....perfect for pruning and getting the garden in order. February was The Big Freeze, when I sorted out the attic. In March, it was warm and sunny, and we thought about dining al fresco very soon. And in has rained. And rained, and rained, and rained. 

The garden has loved it. Now looking verdant and lush....and in the odd rain-free moments, when it's been possible to get out there and do something, the weeds have pulled out of the wet soil perfectly. But, really...after thre weeks of almost daily's enough!

Ok, there have been moments of blue sky and sunshine. From time to time. Which has also been good news for the garden. In fact, the garden is having a fine old time of it. I could just do with a little lazing-in-the-sun opportunity, book-in-hand, from time to time. Which doesn't seem too much to ask.
We managed coffee on the terrace this morning, and in fact today's forecast was - unusually - for no rain at all. Ha! As if! The sun has just now emerged once more, after yet another short, sharp cloudburst.

Oh, well....

Tonight's Dinner:

Bouchées à la Reine

Bass, with Pancetta; Spinach with Lemon.

Coffee Soufflés

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Anonymous said...

It feels as though it started raining here at the beginning of April and apart from two full days and a few odd hours of sunshine, it is still raining. We had a light frost last night.