Friday 23 March 2012

Garden update

Glorious weather!
Blossom everywhere you look: the nectarine and apricot trees have finished already, and the almond blossom is almost over; plum and peach is still getting into its stride, with pear, quince and cherry soon to follow..

The crocuses are done for the year - we had a great white carpet of them around the lilacs and camellias, beside the entrance walkway - although (perhaps a little strangely) the narcissus are still just on the verge of bursting into flower...hundreds and hundreds of them, lining the grass path which winds its way under the pine trees.

And everywhere, massed clumps of violets have appeared; they grow here naturally, and although we've had some each year in spring; this year, they've gone completely crazy..
Three magnolias are flowering generously, and doing so well that
I think I might get some more - of the slower growing varieties - to plant alongside 
the (still to be Roma non era construita nel una giornata) new pergola beside the north lawn.
The doors to the garden stand open right through until nightfall, every day, which pleases the four-footeds enormously.

Tonight's Dinner:

Pork Casarecci

Roast Lamb, with Gratin of Courgettes

Chocolate Tart, with cassis sauce


suej said...

Ooooh Pomiane that looks wonderful. Just catching up with everyone's blogs and found this post. I'm envious of all your wonderful blossom. Our trees are still tiny and I'm delighted if I get four or five blooms!

Pomiane said...

Blossom this year has been spectacular - I imagine it's a result of our unusually cold snap, which killed off a lot of unhelpful insect activity. The roses are all looking wonderful right now, as well, probably for the same reason. I can definitely live with an annual chill like the one we had in February, if this is what we get as a consequence!