Saturday 2 April 2011

We're back...

...and summer has arrived, in the meantime. The garden has burst into leaf, and the sun, as we sat on the terrace for coffee this morning was almost too hot for comfort. Bliss!

The week away was pretty busy. In all, more planes, and trains, and airports and stations than is desirable in such a short time.  "This" muttered the Technical Department, half way through the Great Trek from the ticket hall to Platform 28 in Rome Central Station "is like the hiking holiday from hell, interspersed with a few short spells on aeroplanes". He had a point. Much of the week seemed to be spent lugging bags to gate 110 at Gatwick North, or gate D87 at Schipol, or some out-of-the-way platform at the railway station in central Amsterdam. And ending up being diverted to Bologna on Thursday morning, when Pisa was closed for incoming flights due to fog! These things are sent to try us...

It wasn't all bad...dinner at the Garrick on Monday evening was memorable (thanks, Richard!), and on Wednesday evening, as we dined very well in the restaurant in the Muziekgebouw, looking through the windows at the rain-swept Amsterdam docks.

It's good to be home, though. And I think the four-footeds agree, as they work on demolishing the groups of narcissi which have appeared gloriously beneath the pine trees. Each casualty is added to those which have gone before, in a pewter jug in the kitchen....I might have to graduate to a bucket, at this rate! Dogs and highly-manicured gardens? Forget it!

Tonight's dinner:
Ravioli of lamb and parmesan, in a leek and tomato sauce. (Re-cyled from last night's main course, when our new friends from Via Carducci came to supper)

Grilled lamb chops with green beans (yes, I know - lamb, and lamb....but cooked so differently that I don't think it matters)

Limoncello panna cotta, with fresh blackberries.

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