Friday 28 September 2007

Recipe: Mustard Sauce with Prunes.

OK - it isn't a title destined to set the pulses racing. In fact, reactions to 'Mustard' and 'Prunes' are more likely to range from disinterest to revulsion than to raise any flicker of interest.....However, read on! This is a flavour and texture hit, purely and simply. It goes wonderfully with sautéed rabbit, or with slices of pork would work with a strongly flavoured chicken, and is good with duck. The mustard sauce has a rich and silky texture, which coats luxuriously, while the prunes become little flavour-bombs which explode in the mouth......

For four.

Ingredients: 20 stoneless soft prunes; Marsala* (sufficient to cover the prunes in a small bowl); 2 tablespoons Olive Oil; 1 small Onion; 1 clove of Garlic; 1 medium Carrot; 1 stick of Celery; 1 teaspoon of ground Ginger; 1/4 of a pint of Vermouth; 1/4 of a pint of Chicken Stock; 1/4 of a pint of Cream; two tablespoons of Dijon Mustard.

*In London, I use Cream Sherry instead - I won't pay London prices for Marsala, and Cream Sherry is an effective substitute.


1. Macerate the Prunes in the Marsala for at least three hours.

2. Sauté the chopped Onion and minced Garlic in the Oil over medium heat until softened; add the diced Carrot and diced Celery, along with the Ginger and Vermouth. Continue to cook until the Vermouth has reduced in volume by a half.

3. Add the Chicken Stock, and cook until this too has reduced by a half.

4. Add the Cream, and cook, stirring, until it has noticeably thickened. Allow to cool slightly, and then sieve into a second pan. To the sieved sauce add the Mustard and stir well to incorporate.

You can set the sauce aside at this point, to be reheated just before serving - it will actually be OK in the fridge in an appropriate container for several days.

5. Just before serving, re-heat gently, and add the macerated prunes, taken out of their macerating liquid. Check and adjust the seasoning before you serve.


Joanna said...

This sounds really good ... only, of course, I'll be substituting stabilised yoghurt for the cream, which will doubtless give an agreeable sharpness to counteract all that lovely sweetness. Can't wait to get a rabbit from the butcher!

The Passionate Palate said...

I'm definitely the odd ball because I love mustard and prunes and the combination sounds heavenly.