Thursday 23 August 2007

Recipe: Caramelised Mushrooms

Bizarrely, although this dish differs only slightly from mushrooms fried au naturel, for some reason the addition of shallots, butter and parsley at the end of the process gives to the flavour of the mushrooms a surprising depth and richness. This is excellent with grilled meat or with sausages.

For four.

Ingredients: 1 lb of Button or Field Mushrooms (halved or quartered if they are large) ; 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil; 2 medium Shallots; 1 tablespoon of Butter; Salt & Pepper; 3 tablespoons chopped Parsley.


1. Heat the Oil over high heat in a saute pan. When hot, add the mushrooms, and reduce the heat to medium. Leave to cook, covered, for twenty five minutes, until the Mushrooms have released all their juice and it has cooked away.

2. Peel and dice the Shallots. Add these to the cooked Mushrooms and stir to combine. Cook for a further two to three minutes.

3. Add the seasoning, Butter, and Parsley and cook for another minute, stirring, until the Butter has melted and all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together.


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