Monday 26 February 2007

Strudel: A World of Opportunity....

Healthy (which can be taken as a synonym for whatever you choose...) discussion took place over dinner about the correct way to make Apple Strudel. Some people tread on very thin ice, when it comes to starting debates of that sort with somebody who has just devoted forty minutes of their life to the process, and at best the levelling of an old-fashioned 'look' is to be expected. On this occasion, however, the end result was a splendid discovery. In the process of deflecting the afore-mentioned look, recourse was had, as ever, to the bookshelf for further and more expert advice. In this instance, the volume in question was 'Das Grosse Buch der Osterreichischen Mehlspeisen' by Josef Zauner. This is not one for the linguistically challenged - and I confess I myself was dependent on the resident language department for enlightenment, but the discovery in question was not only vindication with regard to the method for Apple Strudel, but also the discovery of Strudel recipes for Cheese, Meat, Walnuts, Cherries, Wild Mushrooms.........Pretty much, you name it, it can go in a Strudel! - another dimension to menus!

Otherwise.....I have a lousy cold - probably contracted from Eduardo, one of the students who rents the ground-floor flat, who came in yesterday to talk about putting a WiFi antenna on the roof, and has been heard coughing and sneezing in the distance ever since - and the Brazilians are working overhead, day in, day out with drills and sledge hammers. No - they did NOT get all the noisy building work done before we returned.....naive to think otherwise, really.

Tonight's Menu (lightweight, since I'm feeling under the weather):

Alsatian Onion Tart (the original Pomiane version. Highly recommended)

Chicken Breast in a sauce of lemon and capers.

Ricotta Rum Cream.

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