Saturday 24 February 2007

Recipe: Rabbit & Lemon Terrine

For Twelve.
Ingredients: Fifteen slices of Bacon or Pancetta; 1 rabbit; 250g Chicken Livers; 350g minced Pork; 3 pressed cloves of Garlic; 1 Onion, minced; rind and juice of 1 Lemon; 5 sprigs of Tarragon, chopped; 1 teaspoon French Mustard; 1 Onion, sliced finely into rings; a handful of finely chopped Celery Leaves; half a pint of dry White Wine; seasoning.

1. Remove all the meat from the Rabbit, and dice it into 1 cm cubes, or smaller. Put into a bowl and add seasoning.
2. Line a greased loaf tin or equivalent sized terrine with about ten of the slices of Bacon or Pancetta, reserving the rest to make a lid.
3. Process the chicken livers in a food processor until almost liquid, and then combine with the Garlic, minced Onion, minced Pork, Lemon, Mustard and Tarragon. Add seasoning.
4. Put one third of the Pork/Chicken Liver mixture in the bottom the prepared mould; cover with half of the sliced Onion, then half of the diced Rabbit, then half of the chopped Celery Leaves.
5. Repeat with another third of the Pork/Chicken Liver mix, and the remainder of the sliced Onion, Rabbit, and Celery Leaves. Finish with the remaining Pork/Chicken Liver mix. Make a few holes in the terrine with the handle of a wooden spoon, and carefully pour the white wine into the terrine.
6. Cover with the remaining slices of Bacon or Pancetta, and tightly cover with aluminium foil. Place in a bain marie, and bake two hours in a pre-heated 170 degree C oven.
7. When cool, weight it, and place the terrine in the fridge. (Careful in doing so - it will almost certainly exude liquid when you first press down on it, so be sure to do this in a place where the liquid can be dealt with and the base of the terrine tidied up before it goes into the fridge.)
8. Leave in the fridge for at least a week, and preferably nearer to two weeks before you slice and serve it. The longer it sits and waits, the more impressive the flavour will be. After the right amount of time, the flavour is sure-as-hell impressive, and in the meantime, the smell every time you open the fridge door to get something out will have your olefactory sensors working overtime!


thepassionatecook said...

i am a bit of a whimp in the kitchen and would never see myself deboning a rabbit... but this sounds like a great recipe, i bet i would like the end result! thanks for participating in wtsim!

Pomiane said...

Oh, I think it's glamourising the process to call it 'de-boning'in this instance - all that's required is to cut the rabbit into six or eight pieces, and then methodically strip the meat off each piece. Laborious, for sure, but no great skill required...

Sarunas Skyrius said...

How long do you think this will keep in the fridge if unopened?

Pomiane said...

At least a month - the taste just gets better over time. I've never managed to keep one for longer than this without cutting into it, I confess.